Friday, 4 May 2012

UC Course Changes: Published Emails

Last night there was an 'Information Session' and Q&A for students studying journalism in relation to the course changes at the University of Canberra. Matthew Ricketson and Jason Wilson (the Dean of Journalism and the course convenor respectively) spoke to students and answered questions about the changes, consultation of students and unit content.

I asked a question about why the changes were being made. I asked if the changes were being made for economic reasons and was told no. As some of you may be aware, I was sent documents relating to the course changes when I requested them under Freedom of Information earlier this year. Below are excerpts of the documents that show emails sent to journalism staff that specifically show that the changes were being made to provide 'efficiences' in the Faculty of Arts and Design.


  1. Hm, sounds like a straight-up lie from your uni staff.

    And nice work on the FOI submission. Did it cost you?

    Twitter/ @ajduffs